Delegación comercial de C.C.P.I.T. y empresarios chinos visitan Uruguay


Lunes 22 de setiembre:

23:30 – Arribo a Montevideo vuelo RG 7368

Martes 23 de setiembre:

10:00 Visita protocolar a la Cámara de Comercio Uruguay – R. P. China

11:30 Visita a Uruguay XXI

Tarde: Visita a Punta del Este.

Miércoles 24 de setiembre:

Mañana: Jefe de Misión C.C.P.I.T Sr. Zhang Tianquan participa de reunión con el Mercosur

10:00 – Delegación empresarial: Visita a Lanera Santa Maria S.A. y Zonamerica S.A.

De mañana: Contactos de las empresas Datang Telecom y Dalian Bingshan. Los horarios se están confirmando directamente entre estas empresas y las uruguayas.


15:00 Encuentro empresarial en el Edificio del MERCOSUR

Participarán la Dirección de Programación Comercial, Uruguay XXI, Cámara Nacional de Comercio, Asociación de Dirigentes de Marketing (ADM) y esperamos confirmación del auspicio de Cámara de Industrias del Uruguay y de Cámara Mercantil de Productos del País.

Presentación por parte de la Delegación china. (Confidencialmente informamos, sin confirmar, habría intervenciones del Vice Canciller chino, del jefe de Misión del C.C.P.I.T y del Subdirector del MOFTEC).

Presentación por parte del Uruguay.

Contactos entre los empresarios.

Jueves 25 de setiembre:

06:45 – Partida de la Delegación hacia Brasil.


Profiles and business interests of the Chinese companies

1. Dalian Bingshan Group I/E Co., Ltd.

  • Company profile:

Dalian Bingshan Group Co., Ltd. can trace its history back to 1930, when it was set up as Dalian Refrigerator Works. Since then by going through the development phases of transformation, opening up to the outside, reorganization, restructure, merger and acquisition which were refueled by the state’s policy of reform and opening up in the early 1980’s, the Company have been expanded into a transnational group with diverse ownerships and multi trades. By the end of 1999, there have been 39 subsidiaries operating under the Group including 1 public company, 10 solely-owned companies, 24 Sino-foreign joint ventures and 4 state-run holding companies with its total capital assets of USD 663 million, of which state-owned assets take up 48%, foreign investment 22%, public assets 24% and collective assets 6%. Consequently, the Company takes its firm stand at a ranking position that can be evidenced by the appraisals: one of the 100 strongest companies in the machinery industry of China, the 500 excellent state-run enterprises, and the 512 enterprises backed up by the governments, just to name a few. In 1999, the «Bingshan» brand name was entitled «Best Trademark» by the state government that was unique in the refrigeration industry of China at that time.


  • Various machine tools, components of refrigeration compressor, solenoid, valves, steel plate, copper pipe etc.


  • Air conditioner, refrigeration compressor, water chiller, ice-making plant, cold store, casting etc.

Other interests:

  • Visit sea food processing plant or refrigeration compressor company

2. Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Company profile:

Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. is both a telecommunications equipment manufacturer and a service provider. Datang has experienced ups and downs in the market over the past few years and has achieved significant improvement in its business management, technology innovation, marketing and service. The company’s new mission statement is to be a communications service supplier focusing on business development, leveraging on our core technology and providing comprehensive solution. Datang will fully utilize its own advantage of internal synergy, such as complete product series, system integration, expertise in networks and R&D potentials, to contribute to the communications development and to provide superb products and services to telecom operators.


  • The 2.5th generation PSTN Switching
  • NGN/Soft Switching Systems
  • Transmission Systems (Optical Transmission Systems & Wireless Transmission Systems)
  • Integrated Access Systems (Wired Access Systems & Wireless Access Systems)
  • Mobile Communications Systems
  • Data Communications Systems
  • Operation Support Systems
  • Integrated Circuits

3. Nanjing Lianqiang Metallurgy Group

  • Company profile:

Nanjing LianQiang Metallurgy Group (the Group for short) is a famous private enterprise in Nanjing with a registered capital of USD 22.9 million. Mainly engaged in iron-smelting, steel-smelting, hot-rolling and cold-rolling of stainless sheet steel, the Group has reached an annual output of 450 thousand tons of steel, 620 thousand tons of hot-rolled stainless sheet steel and 600 thousand tons of cold-rolled stainless sheet steel. In 2002, Nanjing GangLian Precision Stainless Sheet Steel Co., Ltd. was jointly established by the Group and Hongkong New China Int. Group Co., Ltd, with a total investment of USD 29.998 million and a registered capital of USD 20 million, reaching an annual output of 300 thousand tons of stainless sheet steel. In 2003, another joint venture named Nanjing Precision Special Steel Co., Ltd was established by the Group and INT. Steel Group (from the USA), with a total investment of USD 29.9 million and a registered capital of USD 29.9 million, and with an annual output to reach 10 thousand tons of stainless strip steel and invar.

Business interests:

  • Explore the feasibility of exporting stainless steel plates (hot-rolling or cold-rolling) to South America
  • Willing to invest in the exploiture of mines in a bid to provide raw material for the company’s production
  • Willing to establish steel plants jointly with South American counterparts

4. China Export and Credit Insurance Corporation

  • Company profile:

As China’s only official export credit insurance agency, China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) entered into full operation on December 18, 2001. The establishment of SINOSURE is one of the important post-WTO measures taken by the Chinese Government to deepen the reform in finance, insurance and foreign trade sectors and to develop the Chinese export sector.

SINOSURE’s mission is to promote the export of Chinese goods, technology and services. SINOSURE’s product range includes export credit insurance, export finance, buyers credit consultation, accounts receivable management, etc.

SINOSURE will hold to its business principle of «government sponsored, market orientated» and will make continuous efforts to improve its products and services. The strategic objective of SINOSURE is, within five years of its establishment, to become one of the best financial institutions in China and one of the top export credit insurance agencies in the world. Over the coming years, SINOSURE will play an increasingly important role in the economic development of China

Business interests:

  • To establish contacts with main importers of Chinese products and to find out what industries and sectors the above mentioned Chinese products belong to
  • To have a general survey on the businesses of import and export banks, and credit insurance businesses
  • To find out the demand of the foreign investors in China on risk management and risk guarantee

5. Wuhan Boiler Co., Ltd.

  • Company profile:

As the largest subsidiary company of Wuhan Boiler Group, WBC was established based on the former Wuhan Boiler Works. In April 1998, WBC started to issue B shares in Shenzhen Stock Exchange Market. With a strong capability of technology development, WBC possesses an annual production capacity of 2400 MW of utility boilers, 500 tons in steam of industrial boilers and 1000 tons by weight of pressure vessels, valves, boiler auxiliaries and nuclear facilities. WBC has supplied nearly 1000 sets of boilers with a gross installed capacity of 26,000MW for more than 510 customers, reaching 13 countries and regions in Asia, Africa and Europe. The company was approved by the American ASME and awarded U stamp and S stamp in 1990, entitled one of China’s 100 Enterprises of Technical Development in 1992. The company has committed itself to developing environment-friendly products such as Soda Recovery Boilers, Heat Recovery Boilers and Refuse Incineration Boilers, etc.


  • Soda recovery boiler developed by WBC in early 1960’s with independent intellectual property right is an environmentally sound and energy saving product firing waste liquor from pulp processing of paper mills. Soda recovery boilers of low pressure, sub-high pressure with saturated steam, superheated steam parameters for firing black liquor from pulp making process with wood, bamboo, reed, bagasse, bluish dogbane and straw etc. have been developed into series of types or models.
  • Bagasse-fired boiler is designed by WBC especially for sugar mill to fire bagasse resulting from sugar making process to produce steam for power generation and supply of process steam for the mill. Either bagasse, heavy oil, lump coal or pulverized coal can be burned individually or mixed fuel of heavy oil, lump coal and pulverized coal respectively mixed with baggass can also be fired by the boiler.

6. Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (BYPC)

  • Company profile:

Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Co., Ltd. (BYPC) is one of the extra large petrochemical complexes under China Petrochemical Group Company. There are 88 sets of petrochemical production plants and 71 sets of auxiliary plants producing 158 kinds with 440 grades of petrochemical products, processing 9.5 million MTA of crude oil and 450,000 MTA of ethylene. It is at present one of the biggest producers of ethylene, the largest producer of plastics & resins, synthetic rubber, basic organic chemical raw material, lubrication grease and chemical fiber carpet in China. BYPC owns 2 listing subsidiary companies (including one listed outside China, the other listed inside China) and two joint ventures in China, several wholly-owned subsidiaries established after reorganization, and a number of conglomerate and trans-regional participating companies and associated companies. Total assets of BYPC reach USD 2.45 billion. After putting into operation for over 30 years, it has accumulated profit and tax of USD 4.48 billion, which is equivalent to over 10 times of the total investment obtained from the states.


  • Rubber, PIA, PE, PP, Meta-cresol, paraffin, carpets made of chemical fibers