Encuesta del Banco Mundial

As part of the World Bank’s Export Competitiveness Initiative, we are conducting a survey of importers and exporters on the impact of the financial crisis on trade. Your participation will enable us to obtain a preliminary gauge on how trade and supply chains are being affected the current crisis.

There are seven main questions, and we seek your response only to those questions that you can easily answer.

Please feel free to forward this message and the survey link to those within your organization or your professional networks who you think will also be interested in this topic.  In return for their participation, we will send them a free copy of the survey findings.

In order to participate:

1. Click on this link: http://research.zarca.com/k/RsQYPYsQYTsTTVRUsPsP

The survey will close at midnight GMT on Wednesday, March 11th.

All survey responses will be considered strictly confidential.

Thank you for your participation.